“Just a gay lizard with a cum-driven she-hulk inside”

I didn’t know what a FagZilla was the first time I heard it either. Well, someone screamed it at me. With all the “Me2’s” and “I’m offended” and “wow you have a big cock” I decided to take it and run with it (the word, an idea, and may have ripped his cock off in a fit of … sensitivity and need. I really like the big and backk ones. Extra juicy. Yeah, I’m a gay lizard, and I have a problem… I’m a FagZilla! Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata; Class: Reptilia = over 7,000 different life forms that I can put my dick in and it not be weird, but no. Lizard holes just don’t do it for me. I need big, fat, raw, hard and throbbing homosexual sapien dick to survive. Some days I wake up so cold and dry just dreaming of a hott rock hard cock I can climb up on and sit on. It’s like an addition. An a-dick-tion even also, perhaps, in addition. It might be my insatiable appetite for cock, or my insatiable appetite for hot rails and gin, but sometimes I just fucking lose it and he comes out. Imagine if the HULK were a gay lizard and instead of smashing buildings, or even more relevant it’s like a she-hulk that knows completely that she’s in control and still doesn’t care who gets hurt.

I digress. This website is my offering to FagZilla. I live my life in fear no more. There’s links to my favorite porn, dick pills, PREP, butt plugs, party hats and streamers. It’s like Thanksgiving with all the fixin’s and all we need is for Tina to put her bastard son to bed so she can point us to where we’re allowed to cum – Inside that goddamn Turkey hole. Gobble Gobble you nasty fuckers.

And yes. Godzilla was a total bottom and kind of a bitch so we weren’t really friends.

PS I bet you’ve never even considered that not only are we people (kinda) too, we also have a rich and diverse culture…

Out and proud! 2009!


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